Vet-Prep Preparation - Network - Employment

Our goal through Virtual VetPrep is employment through a  3 Step process


1st - We prepare Veterans and military spouses for networking and engagement with employers. We work on the resume, networking and interview techniques.

2nd - We prepare and engage employers on how to interview and network with Veterans and Military Spouses.

3rd - We bring Veterans, Military spouses, and employers together in an employment networking event.

Service Seals II

How Our Virtual Camouflage to Corporate Training & Hiring Events Work:

Our virtual training & hiring events have 3 components:


1- Veteran VET-PREP Training for Veterans and spouses 

2 - Employer VET-PREP Training for Employers

3 - Virtual Hiring Event for Veterans, Spouses and Employers


All VET-PREP Training is designed to prepare Veterans, Spouses and Employers for maximum success and hiring at the Virtual Hiring Event



Veteran VET-PREP Training

Veteran and Spouses VET-PREP Training and preparation for the upcoming Virtual Hiring Event includes:

Resume & Branding 

Virtual Interview Prep

Social Media Strategies

Getting Hired in a Virtual Environment

Success as a VirtualVet!



Employer VET-PREP Training

Employers learn How to Attract, Hire and Retain the Top Military Talent! 

Military 101 

How to Attract the Right Veteran & Spouse Talent

How to Maximize Employer Success at a Virtual Hiring and at Virtual Hiring Events

How to Leverage Virtual Technology in the New Virtual Frontier

Conducting the Virtual Interview

Veteran Interview Tips and Asking the Right Interview Questions

Performance Based vs Behavioral Based Interview 

Successful Veteran On-Boarding Techniques

Employer Veteran Retention Programs


Learn a tactical and practical approach to growing your military Veteran talent pool



Virtual Hiring Event 

Employers, Veterans and Spouses

The Virtual Hiring Event is video based where we maintain an employer to candidate ratio of 1 employer to 10 candidates.  It allows everyone to interact on video which allows everyone to truly connect which ultimately enhances the opportunity for candidates being hired.  Veterans and spouses are matched and prepared for each specific employer virtual event. 

Quality of connection and hire vs quantity.


Veterans and spouses must attend a VET-PREP Training to attend the Virtual Hiring Event

Employers must attend a VET-PREP Training before participating in the Virtual Hiring Event

Thank you for supporting Veterans and their families!



Virtual Camouflage to Corporate

Employer VET-PREP Training & Hiring Event


Are you an employer who is looking to improve your virtual hiring capability and to get connected with outstanding talent? Then this event is for you. Our custom approach matches the employers' opportunities with qualified Veterans and spouses who are ready to work and ensures employers hire quality candidates. 

 We begin the 3-step employer journey by having you attend our Employer VET-PREP Training. This training will focus on how-to maximize your ability to hire more Veterans in a virtual environment. We focus on methods that will build and leverage your company brand for the purpose of aligning your job needs and skill requirements to the Veteran Talent Pool. Our final step has our team create a customized Employer Virtual Hiring Event which will include a 1-hour video meeting with up to 15 candidates that have been matched and prepped for your event. Our mission is to help employers Attract, Hire and Retain high-quality Veteran and spouse talent.

With your registration you receive:

    - Up to 3 seats at the Employer VET-PREP Training

    - 1 Hour Employer Customized Virtual Hiring Event*

    - All training materials and resources 

    - Participating candidate data and resumes

    - 1 Hour strategy session to discuss your Veteran Hiring Program

    - Discount on future Virtual Hiring Events

    * One of a kind custom hiring event designed specifically for your company and  industry with matched, pre-qualified and prepared Veteran and spouse talent to maximize hiring.

A portion of your registration will fund our outreach and training for Veterans, spouses and mil-family members and our Operation Outreach.


Employer VET-PREP Training and Hiring Event Pricing: $495.00

Call 888-723-6223 for more information or email to register


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