You need high quality talent and you need it now. The candidates you need must have a particular skill set, specific training, and maybe even certifications or licenses. How do you find high quality talent, get them trained and on-boarded quickly and within budget? You need the Heroes Career Academy!

This unique training program empowers an employer to hire high-quality Veteran employees and allows them to save thousands of training dollars and earn valuable tax credits. This strategy leverages custom training and certification programs that are funded by the military, state, and federal programs. HCA is customizable and scalable to your company’s needs.

Mobility and Portability – The Heroes Career Academy provides Veteran Training and Certification at Your Location and on Your Schedule. The Heroes Career Academy is scalable and cost effective.

Continuity - we can manage the program externally to ensure long term growth and productivity regardless of the change in human resource personnel and scope.  Grow your Veteran talent pool and workforce by leveraging our expertise and insight working with the military to help you Attract, Hire and Retain America's best Veteran and spouse talent.

The Heroes Career Academy is brought to you by Forward March, Inc. (FMI) a Service Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOB) based in San Antonio, Texas. FMI has over three decades of collective experience bringing businesses and veterans together. We are proud to partner with military, state and federal training and certification programs nationwide to form The Heroes Career Academy. This unique academy provides custom training and certification programs for companies who want to hire high quality military talent. Our programs are customizable, scalable and provide mobility and portability.

Let FMI grow your Heroes Career Academy today!

Partnering with Industry Training, Certifying and Hiring Our Country’s Heroes


Employer Benefits:

  • Veteran Hiring Program Continuity
  • Cost Savings in Training and Certifications
  • Timeliness of Hiring Highly Qualified Talent
  • Tax Incentives for Veteran Hiring
  • Highly Skilled Veteran and Spouse workforce

Military - State - Federal Programs:

  • Helmets to Hardhats
  • Military Cool Program
  • US Military Apprenticeship Program
  • DOD Skillbridge Program
  • Military Vocational Rehabilitation
  • State Veteran Resource and Training Programs

Your HCA Provides:

  • Certifications
  • Education Credit for Military Service
  • NCCER Certification Accepted Nationwide
  • Veteran Administration (VA) Approved Training
  • Job Placement with Veteran Friendly Employers

Customized Curriculum and Training:

  • Tax Incentives for Veteran Employment
  • High Quality Military Candidate Pipeline for Education Programs Ensures High Quality, Trained and Certified Workforce
  • High Quality Nationally Accepted Training at a Faster Pace and Lower Expense
  • Curriculum and Training Customized to Your Employment Needs

Current Training and Certifications by Industry:

• Construction • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) • IT • Medical • Aeronautical Welder • Pharmacy Technician • Medical Assistant • Administrative Assistant • Computer Support Specialist • Medical Front Office – Medical Coding • Nurse’s Aid • Pharmacy Technician • Supply Chain Associate