The Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation was started by Farzad Azad working with local businesses around Lahaina, Maui. The mission of the Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation is to thank veterans for their sacrifice and service to our nation by providing them a one week all expenses paid vacation.  Farzad is also the owner of Java Jazz and provides all the food and dining for the vacations.

Forward March Inc. and Farzad have formed a partnership to grow the Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation program and increase its outreach.

For veterans such as J.P. Lane this vacation gives a chance at rest and relaxation in an amazing location as only Maui can offer.


The Maui vacation was taken by none other than our own Paul C. Volpe II USA (R) – Founder and President of Forward March Inc. Paul was joined by his friend J.P. Lane who is a US Army wounded warrior from Green Bay, Wisconsin. J.P. is also an amazing and up and coming musician so be sure to keep your eye on him in the future.  You can check him out on the web HERE.

For veterans such as J.P. this vacation gives a chance at rest and relaxation in an amazing location as only Maui can offer. J.P. took the opportunity to play his music while on the island in a variety of settings.

We will be posting more information on this program in the future, so please check back or contact us for more details.



One thing that folks learn to understand very quickly about J.P. is that this young man is unstoppable. Being a double amputee does not stop him from hitting the waves for some quality surf action.

The vacation would not be complete without an amazing day of relaxation provided by Spa Lelle. This program is an amazing opportunity for veterans to be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Maui and get some well deserved time away.


Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation

Forward March Inc thanks Farzad Azad and all the local businesses for their outstanding support and for providing such a great opportunity for our veterans.

Donations or Veteran Referrals

If you are interested about learning more, donating or referring a veteran for the Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation please send us the information or call us.  Thank you for your support of our Veterans!

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