Veterans helping veterans, that is what we are here at FMI. We have a mission to improve the lives of veterans in our community any way that we can. Check out some of the outstanding things that FMI has had the opportunity to be part of creating.

FMI Operation Outreach

FMI is proud to support the Professional Women’s Veterans Coalition. PWVC recently hosted a Professional Women’s Veteran Career Fair which was an outstanding success.

Professional Women’s Veterans Coalition

FMI is proud to partner with Fred Astaire Dance Studios to create Dancing With Our Heroes. To date we have raised more than $1,000,000 for The Fisher House, USO and other veterans charities nationwide. Visit us at Dancing with Our Heroes

Dancing With Our Heroes

The Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation was started by Farzad Azad working with local businesses around Lahaina, Maui. The mission of the Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation is to thank veterans for their sacrifice and service to our nation by providing them a one week all expenses paid vacation.

Forward March Inc. and Farzad have formed a partnership to grow the Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation program and increase its outreach.

Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation

Forward March Inc and Fred Astaire Dance Studios has worked to raise more than $250,000 for the USO through Dancing With Our Heroes.